How to Apply Blush to Make Your Face Look Radiant

How to Apply Blush to Make Your Face Look Radiant!: Applying makeup is in a routine of every girl. Without using blush, makeup looks incomplete. Here are some ideas and will tell how to apply blush. After applying blush you look different as it gives your face a radiant look. 

Reasons to Apply Blush: Firstly you should know why you need to apply blush after makeup. It's also part of your makeup, it brings instant flush on your face. so even if you are standing in the
crowd, you will shine with your glowing face. 

Where to Apply Blush: You should the right place for applying blush otherwise it can
make your face funny.

is most common place you can apply the blush.

A. Cheekbones
B. Below the apples of the cheeks

Preparation Before Applying

1. Choose the Blush
Type: It's most important part of it, Choosing the blushing type.

2. Choosing the Right Type of Brush: You should select the right type of brush, go the market and select the right one with good quality fine bristles brush.

3. Application of Blush: Here are following steps on how to put blush on your face...

1. Before applying blush you have to check your face is ready for blush, and all makeup completed or not.

2. Take a
brush with the small quantity of blush.

3. Then you should gently apply blush on your face. Should start from the Cheekbones.

4. In the
end, you should apply translucent powder for finishing the look.

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