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Nail Art Kit Essentials

Essentials of Nail Art Kit

If you love Nail art then you should have your own kit for making many designs at home. Nail art kit s full of essential tool of nail art which helps in making different designs of nail art -

Nail art stickers: Nail art stickers are enough to make beautiful nails. In stickers many designs are available such as flowers design, moon, sun, leaf, stars and hearts. Apply the nail polish and after dry add stickers on nails then use topcoat.

Dotting tools: Dotting tools are must have in your nail art kit. By this you can make huge variety of design.

Rhinestones: In market, there are available rhinestones in many colours, design and size. It gives glamour look to your nails.

Striping tapes: It's thin kind of tape which is use for making colourful metallic lines.

Loose glitter/confetti glitter: Glitter is especially for shine and makes your nail beautiful if you apply colourful glitter.

Nail polishes: Nail polish is main thing in your kit. You should have many colours of nail paints in your kit so that you can design nail art in different colours.

Topcoat and basecoat: This is used for apply a layer over the sticker and basecoats are uses for the painting. Apply first of all base coat on the nails after that you can make any design.

Toothpick: It's use for creating cute small dot.

Scissors: You should keep scissor in your nail art kit. In emergency it can be use for cut the extra nail and clean the extra design.

Nail polish remover: Nail polish remover will help you change your nail polish colour.

Acrylic colours: Acrylic colours are use in creating beautiful designs like flower, leaf, waves e.t.c.

Sprinkle beads/ Bullion beads: sprinkle beads are small metallic beads and some are glass beads. Beads are used for making 3d effect nail art.


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