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7 years ago

Fitness is lifestyle pattern and not one day goal to achieve and then let it go. For making fitness your lifelong habit, you need to make few changes in your lifestyle like taking care of what you are eating and regular workout without any excuses. But it does not mean that for keeping yourself fit you need to leave your social gatherings or you should forget about staying out with friends and family. Here are few tips which you can follow to plan your dinner out without any hindrance into your fitness regime -   
  1. Check out first about the foods and cuisine of restaurant
  2. Pre-order your menu of dinner so that you should not buy anything unhealthy once you reach into restaurant
  3. Use health trackers to check your calorie intake
  4. Decide your whole day food intake at each morning so that your calorie intake does not exceed the required amount
  5. Always get yourself prepared ahead of workout time so that you can manage your time accordingly
  6. Create interest in workout and make friendship with people who are fitness freak so that you will feel motivated to go for workout
  7. Avoid alcohol and opt for plain mineral water and beverages without sweetener and added sugar
  8. Prefer eating salads first so that your stomach is already full enough and don’t feel like eating anymore
  9. Eat slowly so that your stomach get enough time to inform your brain your are full
 Finally, be affirmed and motivated to stay healthy and always try to achieve this!
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