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7 years ago
How To Solve Common Sleep Issues

Tired and wired: - You are exhausted by the time you go to bed and your mind is still not at calm it is thinking about that upcoming meeting or event. Therefore you toss and turn in bed and doesn’t get an adequate amount of sleep. For this, you need to take a warm shower before going to bed and read a calming book.


Work at Night: - If you work at night, you always feel low on energy. You try sleeping during the daylight and it interrupts your sleep/wakeup cycle. Therefore you need to have regular daytime sleep and nighttime wake- up cycle.

work at night

You are restless: - On some nights you feel restless, that’s because you might have eaten a dinner with high saturated fats. The ideal dinner should have lean proteins (chicken, tofu) and complex carbohydrates (Lentils and sweet potato).Make sure you eat the lightest meal of the day at night.

you are restless


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