Swati Panwar
7 years ago
Do You Know the Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth and All Other Hair Problems?

healthy hair depicts the beauty in an individual. Maintaining a healthy routine through some essential oils for hair growth can prevent hair fall and other associated problems. Hair fall and dandruff is a prevailing issue and has become a part of life. 
What Could be the Common Reasons for Hair Fall?
Few top reasons for hair fall are:
Hereditary Genes: Often, hair loss is considered hereditary. The fact is also proven by experts and research. However, the same can be controlled through a lot of ways.
2.Stress: Hectic lifestyles and work schedules involve a lot of stress. Stress can be a potential reason for hair loss.
3.Other Health Issues: Various diseases and their medication often cause hair fall. For e.g. thyroid issues, typhoid, etc.
Essential Oils for Hair Growth:
. Lavender Oil
2. Cedar Wood Oil
3. Rosemary Oil
4. Chamomile Use
5. Clary Sage
6. Lemon Oil
7. Peppermint Oil

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