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7 years ago
Here Are Natural Ways To Stop Your Periods Early

When your menstrual cycle begins, all you want is something which can lessen the pain and bring a stop to your period as early as possible especially if you are going to attend some major event. But if you are planning to get OTC period stopping pills then don’t forget that they come with their own side effects there you should avoid doing this on period. So instead of medicines try these natural remedies to stop the period early.


Ginger: - Since ancient time, Chinese people use ginger to delay periods. It is said that ginger has anti-inflammatory properties that can affect the – Prostaglandin hormone. This hormone is naturally released by our bodies at the time of menstrual cycle. This helps in making the lining tissue of uterus smoother and thinner. So you will experience less pain during pain. For this, you need to grate a short ginger and add it to warm water, now mix one tablespoon of honey and drink it.

Green Beans: - Green beans are full of minerals and calcium that will relieve period pain to a great extent. So in case you-you also experience unbearable period pain and then eat some green beans in your diet. Green beans can also reduce the flow of the period and can lessen the number of period days.

Raspberry Tea: - As per herbalist, raspberry tea is beneficial for human body. This tea is also helpful for the pregnant woman. It has astringent properties which can give a relaxing effect to the uterine. It also reduces the period flow and postpones the periods.

Lemon Juice: - Lemon Juice not only postpones the periods but it also shortens the duration of your menstrual cycle. The citrus in lemon juice helps in body detox, so the lining of your uterus sheds at a faster rate. Hence shorter duration of the menstrual cycle.

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