Is a Hot Shower Bad for Your Skin?

Is a Hot Shower Bad for Your Skin?

In winter, many people enjoy a hot shower bath they feel Warm, relax &pain free. It can relieve stress after taking long time shower. But on the other hand, it can be harmful to our body skin, too hot water can burn our skin, Make dry, we can get rashes e.t.c. Having so many advantages it's also having some disadvantages.

What Does Skin Do? Skin have three layers, it's the largest organ of our body.

Skin protects us from germs, dust and from that thing which can be harmful to our skin.

2. Skin maintain & control our body temperature, it provides also the healing power.

3. Skin can work with the nervous system, by this nervous system we get to know the feel, sensations, touch, as well as heart, can not beat without the nervous system.

Will a Hot Shower Dry Your Skin?

I think yes, It will make dry our skin. After the shower, we can apply moisturizer cream to keep healthy and soft of our skin.Hot water finishes the moisture of our skin and disrupts the balance of moister.Hot water is not healthy for our body, it can burn our skin & dry.After taking shower with the hot water we will always feel the lack of moisture in our body.

Here are some preventions we are going to provide.

1.Turn down the temperature of water
2.Decrease Your Bathing Time
3.Avoid Harsh Soaps
4.Moisturize Your Skin

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