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Places To Travel With Your Best Friend

 Traveling with best friends is on everybody's wishlist.When you travel with your friends it strengthens the bond of your friendship even more. Here are some of the places you can visit along with your best friends to create the experiences the best vacation of your life.

Sikkim: - Sikkim is the smallest place in Indian union located between four states, Tibet, Bhutan, west Bengal, and Nepal. That is why it has a diverse culture. You can easily watch clouds over lakes all and huge mountains. Get ready to get mesmerized with Buddhist temple and local culture.

Andaman Islands: - To experience the mesmerizing scuba diving and underwater gardens it is a must to go to Andaman Islands along with your best friends. This island has numerous beaches where you can chill all day. Get ready to listen to the song of nature with a rhythmic splash of ocean waves and birds singing.


Rann of Kutch: - Rann of Kutch is an endless white desert located in Gujrat.The best time to visit here is at the time of rann utsav a three-month festival to promote tourism. Get ready to experience here the best sunset f your life with your best friend.


Chadar: - If you a trekking lover then chadar is the place to go. This place is covered with frozen water, the temperature is always cold. This place will give you the best trekking experience ever.

Goa: -  Goa is a must visit destination to travel along with your bestie.The cold breeze, endless waves, mouth watering food and the cool parties here will give you memories of the lifetime.

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