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Foods To Avoid In Summers

Summers in India are quite harsh, no matter how much measures we take to keep ourselves cool by getting under shades or drinking water and eating ice creams if we are not keeping a check on our food habits none of this is going to benefit. So here are some of the listed foods you can avoid summer.

Non-Vegetarian: - Some of the non-vegetarian items like eggs, prawns, and other sea foods can produce excessive heat in the body, therefore, it is advised to avoid them in summers. These items can also cause loose motions and vomiting which can totally drain out all the energy from your body.

Spices: -Eating spicy food is a part of our culture but in summers it is best to avoid spicy food items. Spices like ginger, pepper, chili can rev up the body heat as these spices have a thermogenic effect on the body. So even if you eat or drink anything for cooling effect it won’t work.

Fried Food: - Eating fried food especially for evening snack is everyone’s favorite. But even if you crave for it don’t eat it in summers. The oil in fried food can negatively impact digestion. So avoid fried food as much as you can to keep your body cool.

Dry Fruits: - Eating dry fruits is considered healthy, but in summers it is best to go light on dry fruits. Dry fruits generate lots of heat that is why we eat them during winters to keep our body warm.

Sauce: - Sauce with cheese usually have calorie up to 360.So they make you feel lethargic. Instead of cheese sauce opt for peppermint chutney which is not only delicious but also provides a cooling effect to the body.

Caffeine - Be it tea or coffee, both produces a high amount of heat to the body. The caffeine content produces excess heat so it is advised to have iced tea or cold coffee.

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