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7 years ago
Ways To Avoid Sweat Patches In An Effective Manner

Summers comes with scorching heat and lots of sweat and when those sweat form patches on your clothes it looks terrible and unattractive. So Read on to find out how to avoid sweaty patches.

Your Clothes: - Wearing the right fabric in a particular weather will give you comfort as well as confidence. So In Summers make sure to wear cotton and linen only as they don't stain from sweat. Avoid wearing synthetic fabrics in summers.

Deodorant: - In summers, Deodorant is not enough you need to use anti
perspirent as well. The anti perspirent will not prevent excessive sweating and the deodorant will form a layer on the smelly armpits.

Water: - During summers it is recommended to drink at least 8 glasses of water. You can also eat fruits and vegetables with high water content. This helps in flushing out toxins from the body and also prevents dehydration.

Diet: - Spice food can promote the sweat glands and hence you should avoid eating them especially in summers.

Care: - Make sure to take bath twice a day or just wash your underarms twice a day with any antibacterial soap. This will help in getting rid of any and sweat left on your armpits and keep them fresh and clean.

Wet Wipes: - You can use wet wipes or even makeup removing cotton pads to give a fresh feeling in the underarms.

Exfoliate: - First make sure to remove the hairs from your armpits then exfoliate the area to avoid excess sweating and any build up from any of your old deodorants.


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