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7 years ago
Why To Avoid Sugary Drink

Be it soda or cola we all love sipping drinks in summer.Without realizing, the fact that these drinks have high sugar content so consuming them is not a good idea.Here we have listed some of the reasons why you should avoid sugary drink.

Gain: -  Sugar is has a direct impact on weight gain. For more number of drinks, you consumer adds extra calories also it has almost no nutritional value.This has a harmful effect on waistline and weights.

Slower Metabolism: -  Sometimes you are eating right, working out right but still can’t lose weight.The only reason for this is your metabolism.If your metabolism is slow your body won’t be able to digest food at a faster rate.When you drink sugary drink it tears down your metabolism rate.which further causes fat accumulation and obesity.

Dehydration: - Do you know that soft drink causes more dehydration than rescuing your thirst. A sugary drink is loaded with sugar and caffeine which doesn’t help in replacing fluid while we sweat. So the next time you are thirsty just grab a bottle of water instead of aerated drinks.

Teeth cavities: - Sugary Drinks causes yellow teeth and cavities.If you drink soda regularly it might cause the formation of plaque on the teeth. so if you don’t want to hamper your white teeth just avoid the sugary drinks.

Risk of Type Two Diabetes: - Drinks with high sugar content can cause type 2 diabetes.This happens due to the sudden increase in the sugar level after drinking soda and cola.Therefore it is advised to drink normal water or just mix natural fruits to water for the perfect summer drink.

Messes With Brain  - Caffeine content in the sugary drinks is very high so they can affect the sleeping patterns.Also when you don’t have enough sleep it can have a negative impact on the heart and blood pressure level.

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