Skin Care Mistakes To Avoid

Over Cleansing: - If you are over washing your skin, you are stripping off natural oils from the face. Over cleansing will results in over production of oil and your skin become more prone to acne and pimple.

Over-Exfoliation: - Over exfoliation can make your skin sensitive and irritated.It also causes excess production of oil. Therefore you should exfoliate your skin with natural exfoliators only twice a week.

Use Of Facial Wipes: - Many of the women's use facial wipes to remove makeup but you should not use facial wipes because they are not doing any good for your skin. Facial wipes are made up of ingredients like fragrance and alcohol which can dry up your skin.

Use Of Hot Water: - Hot water can make your skin dry. Therefore start cleansing with warm water and finish it off with a cold water rinse.


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