Apply Lavender And Coconut Oil Moisturizer To Combat Dry Skin In Winters


ï‚· Lavender Essential Oils:- 15-20 Drops

ï‚· Organic Coconut Oil- 6 Tablespoons

ï‚· Shea Butter- 2 Tablespoons

ï‚· Jojoba Oil- 2 Tablespoons

ï‚· Vitamin E Oil- ½ Tablespoon

ï‚· Aloe Vera- 1 Tablespoon


ï‚· Take a jar and mix all the ingredients with a blender to make a whipped like consistency.

ï‚· Cover this jar with a lid and apply twice a day.

ï‚· For best results apply when the skin is still damp after cleansing.

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