Sonika Ramola
7 years ago
Curry Leaves Benefits : Why Eat Curry Leaves Rather Than Throwing It Out?

Curry leaves or kadi patta, as it is commonly called in Hindi, are added to our food to enhance the flavor. But the majority of us normally throw away these curry leaves from the food rather than eating it. Ever wondered why are curry leaves added to our food preparation? That’s because curry leaves benefits are just amazing..! These green leaves are packed with essential nutrients that will help us in many ways as in improving the functioning of the heart to enhancing the beauty of the hair.
Uses of Curry Leaves: How to Include Curry Leaves in Our Diet?
Always buy curry leaves that are green, aromatic and crisp from your trusted vegetable vendor. I would suggest growing a curry leaf plant in your backyard or balcony. This plant is medium sized, doesn’t need much of space or manure. In this way, you can get a regular supply of curry leaves.


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