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Every Man Should Know These Amazing Facts About A Woman’s Body

Women have an interesting personality but do you know that woman body is even more complex and amusing. Let’s have look at the some of the interesting facts you should know about a woman’s body.

Flexible Body: - Have you ever wondered why a woman is a better gymnast. This is due to the presence of estrogen hormones, which makes their body flexible than men. Women’s muscles are light, their body changes drastically during the pregnancy can come back in their shape after delivery.

Hair Quality Determine Reproduction Quality: - Men’s hairs are thicker than woman’s. That is why the woman has silky and shiny hairs as compared to men. Also, do you know that you can determine their reproduction quality by their hair health? The healthier the hairs, chances are that she will give birth to a healthier baby.

Bear More Pain: - A woman body has numerous pain receptors due to which they can feel and bear more pain compared to men. That is why they are capable of working with a headache and body pain.


Their Brain Remains Active during Sleep: - While sleeping woman brain is only ten times lesser active compared to when they are awake. That is why they can easily take care of babies as their brain remains more active during sleep.

Their Heart Beats Faster: - Woman's heart is smaller but stronger compared to men’s heart. On average, the weight of a man's heart is 10 ounces, while the weight of a woman's heart is about 8 ounces. Their heart beats faster to make up for its smaller size.

They Easily Get Emotionally Attached: - Women have a tendency to get emotionally attached. They get more attached to a person in a relationship compared to his partner. A woman can also handle relationship better than man as their brains have more areas which make them feel affectionate towards another person.

They Can Speak So Much: - There is no denying the fact that women speak more than men. The reason for this is, they have two centers for speech and word processing but men brain has only on center. They also have many nonverbal hints which help them to express easily without speaking a single word.

They Burn fewer Calories: - By nature woman's internal organs are smaller compared to men.That is why their body stores fat easily and they burn fewer calories compared to men. Due to the tendency of their body to collect fat they get fat at the time of pregnancy.

Their Hear Sounds with Higher Frequency Better: - Woman can easily hear sounds with higher frequency better than men. This is the reason they can hear their baby’s whining easily than a man.

Their Skin is More Sensitive: - Men’s skin is thicker compared women’s skin. That is why women can feel anyone’s touch easily. Men’s have testosterone hormones which make their skin thicker.

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