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6 years ago
Side effects Of Green Tea You Should Be Aware Of

For quite long time, Scientists and researchers have speculated that having 3 to 5 cups of green tea is the ultimate way to lose weight. But if you are green tea lover here are some facts you need to know. As per studies, the caffeine and the epigallocatechin galette in the tea can increase fat oxidation but in the long run, it is not going to help you. However drinking green tea more than required i.e. 3-5 cups in a day will definitely affect your health. Here are possible side effects of over drinking green tea:-femaleadda app

It leads to water loss: - Green tea is natural diuretic and therefore removes excess water from the body preventing bloating but if you over drink it then it can cause dehydration.

It can interfere with your medication: - If you are on some kind of medication, then first consult your doctor and then drink it because it can mess up with your medications.

It can prevent absorption of iron and folic acid: - As per one of the studies conducted at US National library of medicine, green tea can prevent the absorption of folic acid and iron in the intestine. This is quite
harmful to the pregnant woman as, during the first month of pregnancy, folic acids are quite essential for the development of embryo's neural tube. Also, iron is really important to for the formation Of RBC which keeps us healthy and fit.

It can cause heart problems: - If any green tea has unusual weight loss powers then chances are that it contains supplements which FDA doesn’t approve of. These supplements can increase blood sugar and hear rate which can take a serious toll on your heart.

It can give you sleepless nights: - Green tea is rich in antioxidants as well as in caffeine. But if you react to even the smallest amount of caffeine intake, then green tea is not the right drink for you. It can lead to insomnia and anxiety attacks.

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