Pretty Mani Pedi Color Combos

Pretty Mani-Pedi Color Combos

Manicure & pedicure routine is 
very essential for hands and legs. This is best for your skin and it will maintain your skin colour and remove dead dry skin. Choice of right nail polish colours for mani & Pedi makes nails look more beautiful. The choice of colours is affected a lot by the weather. In summer you should apply light colour as it takes long time to fade. Colour choice is dependent mostly on mood and definitely when you are in sober and sweet mood you will select pink and red colour. The favourite combo of mani & Pedi in beautiful shades are baby blue or cornflower, mint and hot pink be can be other combo of this.

Here are some Best Mani-Pedi Nail Polish Colour Combos:

1. Hot pink +Brown

2. Grape + Navy

3. Powder blue + deep plum

4. Mint Green + Metallic

After dry, these nail paint will give you classic 
colour. For winters you can add on it the shimmer and sparkle. You should choose classic and branded colours of nail paint for nail art because it is safe for nails.

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