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7 years ago
How Do Japanese Womans have Great Skin?

Japanese womans has absolutely flawless and porcelain skin. Well, it’s not only their genes but they start taking Care of skin from a very young age and have a holistic approach to health and skin. Let’s have a look at some of the skincare tips from the Japanese women.

Tea :- Japanese Woman drinks several cups of green tea in a day. Green tea has a variety of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory and anti-ageing properties. That is why Japanese woman looks so younger than their usual age. Apart from drinking it they also use it topically to regulate sebum production and clearing out acne.
Eating Fish: - Just like eating red meat is a must have in the west; seafood is a major dish of the Japanese meal. The Japanese meal usually consisted of rice dishes and many soups. These soups are light in texture and are more flavors focused. Fish is the most eaten seafood in the Japanese household as lean proteins, Vitamin B, and fatty acid is found in abundance in fish.

Natural over Chemical: - There is this famous saying in Japan that “if it is not edible, you shouldn’t be putting on your skin. The Japanese woman keeps their skincare minimal and useless chemical products. They use red beans for face scrub instead of cosmetic face scrub. The spooning content in kidney beans is a gentle and effective cleanser.

Oil Based Products: - We resist using oil in our face because we think that it might clog pores but it is just as myth. Japanese woman uses more of oil based cleaner to get rid of excess oil, grime from the face. The oil based cleanser is gentle and doesn’t strip away natural oil from the skin.

Resist the Sunrays: - In Japan, people hardly go to beaches, because Japanese woman and men resist going out in the sun. They prefer to travel early morning or late at night to avoid the sun, they slather sunscreen religiously and don’t step out without an umbrella.

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