Swati Panwar
7 years ago
Do You Know Papaya Can Give Your Skin An Amazing Glow?

“The fruit of the angels” that is the term given by Christopher Columbus for papaya fruit. Apart from papayas being loved and available throughout the year, this fruit is a powerhouse for many nutrients which can boost the health of our skin. How do these nutrients in papaya become beneficial for our skin?1.Papayas contain Vitamin A and Vitamin C in a very high range. Hence, it is an advantage to those who have papayas as Vitamin A and C are antioxidants thus reducing the free radicals responsible for dull skin.
2.Papayas contain sodium in less quantity, hence there is very less tendency of water retention due to consumption of papaya, thus keeping the skin hydrated.
3.The potassium that is present in abundance in papaya is used for hydrating and moisturizing the skin which is an advantage for those having dry skin.
4.Green papaya also contains papain that can be used for skin whitening.

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