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6 years ago
Science-Backed Skin Care Tips

  1. You can use refrigerated probiotics to get the perfect bouncy and plump skin. Probiotics help in introducing good bacteria into the body which further reduces inflammation-related skin diseases like acne, psoriasis, and rosacea.
  2. Birth Control pills are quite efficient in treating hormonal acnes. These pills help in balancing the hormones and stop breakout, but before using them make sure to get the best-suited birth control pills after consulting your dermatologist.
  3. The best ingredients to look for in skincare and anti-aging products are retinol. Just don’t use a high dosage of retinol as it can cause dry and peeling skin. It advisable to consult your dermatologist first and ask her to give you hyaluronic acid treatment along with the retinol for proper hydration.
  4. As per science woman too can shave their face that too with men’s razors only. Good quality razors will give you a clean and close shave. Just make sure to change the blades often and keep the razor clean. You can use your daily cleanser to lather before shaving.
  5. Before popping any pimple or zit just wrap your fingers in a tissue, don’t use your nails that can leave your skin with lasting redness which takes quite a lot of time to go away.
  6. To fight hormonal acne just add chlorophyll to water and drink it. Chlorophyll helps in regulating hormones and reducing inflammation in the skin
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