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7 years ago
Care for your Feet

Most of us always care about our face, hands, and hair but do not pay much needs attention to our feet. Feet are most exposed part of the body which comes in touch with dust and dirt. Due to this ignorance, feet falls prey of fungal infection, cracked heals, bad odor and corns. Here is given feet care regime which we all should follow to keep our feet look beautiful and healthy-

# Regular washing of feet is very important because feet are most exposed to dust and filth on 
floor. If you do not wash your feet regularly then this dirt and filth lead to fungal infections under toes.

# It is very necessary to exfoliate feet skin every now and then. Exfoliation keeps away dirt and dead skin. For removing dead skin you can make homemade scrub by mixing sugar and olive oil together with few drops of tea tree oil. This homemade scrub works well for removing dead skin and keeps feet clean and clear.
# Keeping feet 
moisturised daily is essential. Properly moisturized feet do not crack. Every day after washing of feet applies petroleum jelly or thick cream containing cocoa butter.

# Pedicure – include feet pampering in your regular beauty regime. Attend your pedicure appointment in your favorite at least once in a month. Pedicure keeps feet clean, removes dead skin,
moisturise skin and apply vitamin enriched cream.

# Always wear socks to keep your feet away from dirt and grime. Socks will protect your skin from harmful UV rays and avoid tanning.
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