Clay Masks For Acne Prone Skin

Clay masks are rich in minerals. These minerals have the ability to absorb toxins and exfoliate skin. There are many types of clay for skin care you can use two types of clay kaolin and bentonite. Other ingredients which are used in this clay mask are honey, aloe and witch hazel. If your skin is breaking out the honey and aloe will work for you and the astringent properties of witch hazel will absorb excess oil.

Clay Masks: - Honey aloe clay mask

This clay mask soothes and cleanses sensitive and acne –prone skin. This mask is so gentle that you can use it as a daily acne treatment.

Ingredients: -

# Clay: - ½ tablespoon
# Honey:-1 tablespoon
# Aloe:-1/2 tablespoon


==> Take a bowl and put all the ingredients in it
==> Stir the mixture well
==> Apply it on a cleanse face
==> Remove this face mask with warm water
Witch Hazel Clay Mask

This mask is helpful in getting rid of those tiny red bumps on face. You can also use this clay mask as the spot treatment for acne.


# Clay: ½ Tablespoon
# Witch Hazel: - ½ tablespoon


==> Mix the ingredients
==> Apply to face
==> Wash after 20 minutes with warm water or warm washcloth
==> Apply a lightweight moisturizer.
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