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Skincare rules for woman with sensitive Skin

 The Right Retinoid: - Whether you use products that have retinoid or use retinoid alone if you have sensitive skin make sure you are using the right kind of retinoids.The main reason for using retinoid is to lighten marks and hyperpigmentation.But for sensitive skin in can really irritate the skin if not used correctly. It is advised to use the lower power of retinoid for sensitive skin. Take only a pea size amount and apply every night on your face before going to bed.

Cautious of sunscreen: - For any skin type sunscreen is important. It is advised to use a sunscreen that has gentle ingredients that don't irritate sensitive skin. Buy herbal sunscreen and SPF of 30 is more than enough. As higher the SPF higher it will have comedogenic ingredients.

No Alcohol Based Products: - Sensitive skin can get irritated with harsh ingredients so it is advised to use only gentle ingredients .it is strictly suggested to avoid alcohol based products. As they can completely dry out skin. Opt for more organic products.

Patch Test Is A Must: - It is undoubtedly the most important tip for sensitive Skin. Before buying or trying any skincare or hair care product, make sure to do a patch test. It is always good to apply the product on your hands first and at the back of the ear to check how it affects your skin instead of directly applying on skin.

Tube Products: - As per one of the study it was found that products which are dispensed from tube contain fewer bacteria than skincare products which have come in a jar. So next time you visit the supermarket to buy skincare products ditch the jar packaging and buy tube packaging products.

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