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7 years ago
Benefits of Sleeping Naked

Do you know that as per researcher 3 in 1 adult sleep naked?  Reason being sleeping naked has been found to have many health benefits. Read On To Find out Some of These benefits are.

Better Sleep: - Our core body temperature, need to drop down to half a degree to fall asleep. Also to keep your body asleep, it is required to keep the body temperature regulated. So when you sleep naked, it becomes easier for your body to simmer down and you fall asleep easily and for a longer time, therefore, no sleep issues.

Prevents Infection: - Sleeping without clothes, lowers the body temperature due to this, it becomes difficult for the bacteria to cause any infection as they need the right warm body temperature to grow. That is why it is suggested to not sleep with a sweatshirt in winters as our blanket and sheets are enough for covering our body.

Burns More Calorie: - When your body temperature is regulated by sleeping naked, then it activates hormones that produce body heat. So in this way you burn energy through a process hence more calories are burned. Also while getting a good night sleep, your anxiety level is in control.

Keeps you young: - When you sleep naked, a hormone name melatonin, which is helpful in preventing the degeneration of cells, therefore, slowing down the ageing process. This hormone is also responsible for having a good night sleep. 

Lower Blood Pressure: - Lying in bed with your partner, naked has been found to produce oxytocin hormone. Which have many health benefits. When the skin comes in contact with other skin it sends signals to the brain to release this hormone. This hormone lowers the blood pressure and reduces anxiety level too.

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