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7 years ago
Side Effects of Hair Rebonding

Side Effects of Hair Rebonding

Hair rebonding is in vogue nowadays and everyone wishes to have straight, silky hair. Hair rebonding looks well and it also transforms personality completely with straight strands. Before you opt for hair rebonding, it is better to know about the side effects of hair rebonding because hair is a vital part of any human being and having healthy hair is bliss.

There are many side effects of hair rebonding which can completely damage your hair. Hair rebonding results in –

Hair dryness – Hair rebonding makes hair dry and fragile. This process dries out the natural moisture of hair and makes hair dull and frizzy. With time, hair becomes very tough to manage and then it becomes important to go for regular hair spa resulting in extra cost.

hair driness

Hair Fall – Hair rebonding results in hair fall if you do not follow the hair care instructions given by your stylist. After
rebonding, you need to take extra care of your hair. Hair rebonding process is done using toxic chemicals and heating of hair which makes hair thinner and weaker. Hair fall is one of the major side effects of rebonding.

hair fall

No style change – If you opt for permanent hair rebonding then you lose the option of changing hair style. After hair rebonding, you have to keep your hair straight for almost six months. Even, just after rebonding you have to keep hair loose and you can not tie or tuck it behind ears for almost one month because doing so will just destroy the purpose of hair rebonding and make hair curled.

No style change

Hair damage – During rebonding process heat is used on hair which damages the hair scalp and skin and sometimes even hair are burnt if you do not choose hair stylist properly.

Hair damage


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