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How To Find The Right Haircut As Per Your Face Shape

Have you ever wondered why some hairstyle suits you but some hairstyles don’t look good on you at all. The reason is your face shape. Every face shape is different and we should choose our hairstyle depending upon on our face shape. Let’s have a look at how to choose the right haircut according to your face shape.

Round Face: - If you have a round face, your face is as long as it is wide with a round chin. Haircuts that add length to your face will suit you best. For example, hairs that end just below the chin and have an edge on the top, long layers, layered bangs, and asymmetric haircuts also reduce the chubbiness of round face. YOY should avoid hairstyle which adds width to the face.

r0und face

Square Face: - A square face has equal length and width but with a prominent jawline. To add softness to this face shape you can go for textured layers, A-Line bob and haircuts that end below the collarbone.

Oval Face: - Oval face shape is the most versatile face shape. Almost all types of hairstyles suit this face shape. This face shape had the right proportion of length and width. But make sure to avoid heavy bangs as they can hide your features.

Heart Face: - A heart Shape has wide forehead with prominent cheekbones and narrow chin. Girls with this shape should choose haircut which can balance out the narrower chin. So choose a haircut that can create volume around the line of the slender jaw. Chin length bob with the volume on the crown, Deep side Part, Lob, wispy bangs, loose waves, and face framing layers are the haircuts which can look flattering on this face shape.

Long Or Rectangle or Diamond Face: - These types face shapes has a longer face so the idea here is to reduce the length of the face shape. Chin length bob and fringes suits the best on these face shapes.

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