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What not to do after eating your meal?

What not to do after eating your meal?

Sometimes doing wrong things or activities after eating harms your body a lot. After dinner usually, we engage in our routine activities like lying down, smoking, and sitting in half lying position on a chair or just go to sleep, eating fruits, drinking tea and taking shower. There are so many such things which we do daily and which becomes our habit but in fact, these habits affect health badly. Here is given a list of such habits which you should stop doing after having your lunch or dinner –

Fruits – Eating fruit is good habit if you do it on right time. Having fruits after eating lunch or dinner is not a good habit because fruits need special enzymes for digestion as well as fruit sugar needs more time to be absorbed. Eating fruits after meal may create problems like burping, heartburn and indigestion. Eating fruits before having meal is the right time to eat fruits as it will benefit your body by providing nutrient and fibres.


Smoking – If you are a chain smoker then definitely you will be resorting to smoking after meal. However, it will affect your health very badly if you smoke right after having your meal. Cigarette contains nicotine which binds to oxygen and food also needs oxygen to digest so if you smoke right after meal then your body will start absorbing carcinogens if it does not find enough oxygen to digest food. You should wait for at least few hours before lighting up your cigarette.


Sleeping – After having a meal, you should wait for at least two hours before you go to sleep. Going to sleep right after a meal is very unhealthy because it causes bloating and discomfort.


Tea – Drinking tea right after meal is not good for health as it will interfere with iron absorption in your body. The tea contains tannic acid which binds to iron and protein from body causing to dizziness and weakness by lowering down the iron absorption in body.


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