Simple Tools for Nail Art Dotting

Simple Tools for Nail Art Dotting

Nowadays, nail art with dots in various designs is in trends and it looks quite beautiful. Nail Art in a variety of designs and colours helps you to flaunt your style. Nail art is in trend and girls love to follow this trend of nail art. According to your wish, you can decorate your nail. It's safe for your nail as well. You can try it also at your home but you should have various tools which can be used for the nail art design. In a market, dotting tools are available for this creativity.
To make your nail so much attractive you have to know about nail art tools. Here are following 10 magical nail tools.

1. Hair Pins: It will help you in making dot on your nails. It can be a good option for you if you don't have a dotting tool at that time.

2. Paint Brush: Paintbrush tool is best for filling the
colour and you can make big dot by this as well.

3. Ball Pen: you can use it as a cleaner tool and use this you can clean dots and extra design according to your wish.

4. Match Sticks: match stick can use to make two different type of dots as you can use match sticks from both sides.

5. Toothpick: In work toothpick is same as match sticks, you can use it also from both sides to make very small dots. Professionals use this for making nail art design.

6. Safety Pins: By this safety pin you can create ultra small dots. Easy to use and you can find it easily at your home.

7. Pencil: Pencil is the alsobest tool for making nail art dots. by this, you can create small, medium and big dots.


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