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Secrets You Need To Know About Coloring Your Hairs

The shampoo is not enough to protect the hair color: - Shampoo is the most common hair product we use to protect the hair color but you should also use a color protecting styling spray along with a spray that protects your hairs from Ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays can be the most common cause for fading hair color.

Take the right amount of product: - If you have thick and long hairs take twice the amount of color on hand so that you are not short of hair dye in your hand.

No metal bowls: - For mixing the color, never use metal bowls. The metal bowl can interact with a developer which can oxidize and transform the color. The reaction can even cause hair breakage. Make sure to use plastic bowls and plastic brushes while applying hair color.

Covering roots with makeup: - If you are out of time to redo hair color and you have to attend some party your hair roots will end up looking messy. To hide any uneven color take out your makeup pack and using eye shadow just blend them in.

Removing Stains from Skin: - Stain left on hairline and skin is common after hair color. Don’t worry jus use few drops of olive oil and whitening toothpaste .mix these two ingredients and apply with cotton ball.


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