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7 years ago
5 Easy Exercises To Reduce Belly Fat

Try some of these expert tips that target the irksome plump to score your abs so tight, you could bounce a coin off of them.

NEVER (& YES, WE MEAN NEVER) STOP MOVING- Walking, Jogging, Running, Biking, or Swimming; basically, anything (and everything) that gets your heart rate pumping, wins over typical resistance training, when it comes to getting rid of the sloppy junk.

START CRUNCHING: Nothing burns the surface of the sugary tummy fat faster than crunches. And no Mam, not just normal crunches, we’re talking about Crunches, Twist Crunches, Side Crunches, Reverse Crunches, and even Vertical Leg Crunches.

LUNGE TWISTS- The lunge with a twist is an extraordinary exercise that not only skins off your extra jiggly tummy fat but also shapes your lower body strength and poise (balance). Executing a lunge, while holding and spinning a medicine ball (or any huge & heavy ball) from right to left (or left to right) engages your core, glutes, and quads, while refining poise and equilibrium.

THE CAPTAIN’S CHAIR- All you need, to perform this remarkable exercise, is a chair. Yes, you read that right! It is one of the most effective exercises for solidifying the six-pack muscles as well as the obliques, and you can dare your core as well, on your couch.

THE DUMBBELL SIDE BEND: Provide your love handles a healthy medication with the one particular move that everyone performs wrong. Shaping a rock-hard midsection is as much about a balanced diet and cardio, as rocking out interminable crunches.


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