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7 years ago
3 Ways To Get Rid Of Neck Pain In 30 Seconds

No matter how much we complain about neck pains but we still are not doing any lifestyle changes to get rid of it. Like spending less time on texting, sitting in the right posture e.t.c so here we bring some of the neck exercises that you can do in less than 30 seconds to heal the neck pain.

The arm depressor technique: - It is one of the easiest ways to get rid of neck pain. For this exercise, you will need to stand vertically with your hands behind your back. So if the pain is on the left side of the neck, catch your wrist with your right hand and gently pull your left arm straight down and to the right and position your head so that it tilts forward and to the right – settle yourself in a position until you reach a point where you can feel the muscle tension in the area that is leading to neck pain. Keep yourself in this position for 30 seconds to get rid of the muscle tension

Nerve Stimulating Technique: - Take your hand and make a fist from hands-on the same side of the neck pain. Press the knuckles of the hands on the area where you feel pain. Slender your head over so that your knuckles can dig into your neck and keep yourself in this position for 5 seconds. You have to move your fist a little higher for 5 seconds and then a little lower for an additional 5 seconds. This massage technique will trigger the nerves in the affected area and relieve neck pain.

Posterior Translation Exercise: - The most general cause of neck pain is poor body posture. Posterior Translation Exercise will improve the body posture.  For this exercise, you need a small towel of rectangular shape. First, hold the ends with both hands and place it behind your head, the towel should rest on the lower portion of the skull. You need to keep your hands in vertical position and don’t have to bend your neck, move your head back to make the chin in line with your collar bone. You should hold the towel so tight that there should be a resistance as you moves your head back against the towel and hold this position for 3 seconds. Repeat this five times.

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