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There are 10 effective ways to whiten teeth naturally –

==>  Take coconut oil and swill it around your mouth for few seconds then spit it out. This oil is helpful in reducing plaque formation in teeth and keep gum diseases away.

==>  Smash strawberry and rub it like brushing on teeth to whiten yellow teeth. Acid content of strawberry works as bleaching agent.

==>  Another citric acid fruit lemon is very useful in teeth whitening. Take one lemon and squeeze out its juice then mix baking soda in it and brush this mixture on teeth just like brushing.

==>  You can use orange peel as teeth whitener. Rub the inside part of orange peel on teeth. It a safe and very cheap way of whitening teeth at home.

==>  Use apple cider vinegar because it is a natural antibiotic gum cleanser and it helps in removing stubborn teeth stains without extra efforts and it is very useful to remove yellowness of teeth caused due to higher caffeine intake and smoking.

==>  Mix two strawberries, a pinch of salt and half tbsp baking soda together and make a paste. Use this mix as paste on teeth for once in a week.

==>  Take dried basil leaves and mustard oil. Crush basil leaves and mix in mustard oil. Now apply it on teeth every night. Basil leaves are very effective in gum protection and mustard oil has strong anti bacterial and anti fungal properties.

==>  Sea salt and baking mixed together are effective home remedy for yellow teeth cleansing.

==>  Use hydrogen Peroxide as it is used to kill bacteria. You can use it by mixing with baking soda. Limit its usage for once in a week only because excess usage may cause harm to tooth enamel.

==>  Eat raw fruits for clean teeth. Pineapple is also a very good home remedy to clean yello teeth.
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