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6 years ago
Top Ways To Know If A Guy Likes You More Than a Friend

No matter how much you try to hide your feeling for someone, it will be showcased by your behavior towards them. Men tend to hide their feeling from the girls, especially if a girl is their really good friend and they have developed a liking for her. Guys might not say it just because they think they might end up losing the friendship too. So girls, here are some signs that your guy friend considers you more than a friend.

Pays Attention to you
Guys usually don’t care about liking someone but once the like someone, they like them with all their hearts. If your guy friend pays very close attention to what you say or what you do, then he might be actually in love with you. He will listen to every story you tell him and might even remember it by heart.

He compliments you frequently
If he compliments you often, then he definitely has fallen for you. If he adores every small effort of yours, then it is sure shot sign that he has fallen for you. He might even compliment sometimes for no good reason.

Keeps Calling You For No Specific Reason
In present times where we hardly call anybody, we just prefer to text instead, if he calls you frequently that too for a no specific reason like just for saying good morning or discussing about some movie he watched then-then it is a sign that he is looking for reasons to talk to you and he keeps thinking about you all day.


Understand Your Choices
If he understands your decisions he definitely knows you more than you think he does. He knows everything about you, your favorite color, dish, and restaurant. He keeps surprising you by gifting things of your interest.

Look at His Eyes
You might have heard the famous saying that Eyes are the windows to the soul. So if you want to confirm his feelings for you look at his eyes, you will get your answer. While talking with you, he maintains a loving eye contact.         


Tease You Gently
Those who love us want to see us happy and smiling all the time. He tries to crack a joke or tease you so that he can see your gorgeous smile.


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