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Why Going To The toilet Frequently Could Be Bad For Your Bladder

Are you visiting the loo more than 10 times? You might think it is good for health but as per experts going to the toilet too often might be causing serious damage to your health. Here is a small guide on checking whether you are going to the loo more than required and its possible side effects.

As per one of the clinical physiotherapy specialist in bladder and bowel dysfunction people who think it’s better to go to the washroom when they are leaving for somewhere are probably making their bladder weaker.

“It means your bladder won’t ever fall to a normal level (more than 200ml) because it’s often being emptied,” she says.
“If it’s not stretched, it’ll weaken over time — meaning you really will need the loo all the time.
“I once had a patient who went to the loo 22 times a day partly because of this habit.”

If you frequently visit toilet don’t worry because it is not impossible to hold your bladder.Just try to use the toilet after long intervals. With time you will be visiting toilet less frequently.

Also, make sure to don’t drink a huge amount of water at one time. Drink water in moderation at equal intervals and after dinner avoid drinking too much water.Drinks which are high in caffeine content like tea, coffee, frizzy drink, and alcohol need to be avoided as they can irritate the bladder and can make you use the loo more frequently.

It is also recommended to not hold on till your bladder gets totally full as it can stretch your bladder.
The mechanism of our body recognizing that the bladder is full is different in every person.As per one of the consultant urologist, usually, people can hold up to 300 ml to 400 ml of fluid if they drink two liters of water a day without going look at night time Also going to the toilet anywhere from four to ten times in a day is considered normal

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