Home Remedies for Hair Loss

Here are many causes of hair fall, it can be a bad environment, using wrong chemical hair colour, wrong shampoo, so much stress, aging, hormone imbalance, smoking, and nutrition deficiency. Hair fall is a common problem at this time, It depends also on food, vitamin, Calcium.

1. Hair Oil Massage
2. Indian Gooseberry
3. Fenugreek
4. Onion Juice
5. Aloe Vera
6. Licorice Root & Here describe Only two 

Here we have some Home Remedies for Hair Loss-

1. Hair Oil Massage - Hair oil massage is really so much important for our hair it will beneficial for our hair, Will increase our blood flow and enhance the strength of the hair's root.We can use Coconut, Olive, Almond, Amla, Mustard, Figaro, Navratan Oil for hair massage.

2. Indian Gooseberry- Indian Gooseberry knows as also amla. we use amla for the good hair growth as well as eye
vision. Lack of vitamin C Our hair started to fall, amla is rich in vitamin C, so we should apply amla oil for hair massage one time in a week.

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