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6 years ago
Natural Tonic to Drink Before Bed to Melt Away Belly Fat

It is said that for weight loss you need to eat healthily as well as so exercise daily. That is why people are on a constant lookout for easy remedies to lose weight. So here we bring ginger-lemon cucumber tonic recipe that will melt away all the belly fat in no time. This natural tonic has the goodness of parsley, cinnamon, and cucumber that has slimming properties.Chia seeds will help you to get the right amount of fiber. This tonic will not only help to reduce belly fat but it will also strengthen your immunity, metabolism and flush out all the toxins. Read on to find out how it is made and how to use it.



•    1 cup purified water
•    1 piece of organic ginger root
•    1 organic cucumber
•    1 tablespoon of chia seeds
•    A bunch of parsley
•    Half organic lemon
•    1 tsp. cinnamon



•    Take and wash 
cucumber, parsley, ginger.
•    Grate the parsley and cut the cucumber into thin slices
•    Put all the ingredients in blender
•    To make this vegetable blend a little sweet add honey to it. 


How to Use:-

•    You need to drink this drink in the morning on an empty stomach and avoid eating any food afterward for at least 60 minutes.

•    Take this juice for seven days.

•    Stop drinking this juice for the next 7 days start drinking it from the next week.

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