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Types Of Facial As Per Skin Type

 There are wide variety of facials available and most of the time we are confused about which facial to go for. So here is a small guide on types of facial to choose as per skin type.

De Tan Facial: -If you have an oily skin that gets suntanned easily, then de-tan face pack is for you. The creams used in this facial help in inhibiting the melanin production and hence give a complete de tan effect.

Aromatherapy Facial: - In aromatherapy facial, aromatic oils are used that have healing properties. In this facial, the experts first analyze the skin type and then recommend facial oil. These oils, when mixed with base oils, have amazing benefits. The aroma also helps in triggering positive emotions and relieves stress.

Diamond Facial: - If you are going to attend a special occasion, then diamond facial is best. It suits all skin types. In this, a fine dust massage cream is used which removes signs of aging and acne marks hence revealing whitening and glowing effect to the skin.

Gold Radiance Facial: - This facial is ideal for all skin types. It helps in getting gold like glow which is perfect for brides at their wedding.

Collagen Facial: - Collagen helps in keeping the moisture barrier of our skin intact. Our skin is made up of 70 percent of collagen but as we age we lose it which causes wrinkles. This facial will help in reviving this protein and improves the elasticity of the skin.

Skin lightening Facial: - If you have uneven skin tone and pigmentation spots, then this is the facial for you. This facial is best suited for dry skin as it is highly moisturizing and hydrating.


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