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7 years ago
A Guide To Get Clear Skin

Less Is More: - If you think that constantly applying a huge number of skincare products will l help you then you are in an illusion. The more products we use the more they work against our skin. Products have a different chemical which might react with each other therefore can irritate the skin. It can also lead to excessive dryness and flakiness.

Wash less: - If you wash your face too often it might disrupt the Ph balance of your skin. Just gently remove the makeup and dirt and then wash your face with gentle cleansers. Washing the face twice or thrice a day will only lead to a dry, dull and dehydrated skin.

Exfoliate:- For the perfectly clear and smooth skin it is important  to get rid of dead skin. With regular exfoliation, you can trigger the skin cells renewal process but you should make sure to use a gentle exfoliate that too only twice a week. Exfoliator with big beads is a big no. Acids based exfoliates are recommended.

No Pimple Popping: - Popping a pimple is the most tempting thing ever but if you don’t want to get scar just avoid popping it. Always consult your dermatologist on getting a pimple or zits.

Makeup brushes: - dirty makeup brushes are breeding grounds for bacteria which can cause acne and blemishes. Once in week wash your makeup brush with a baby shampoo or 100% natural soaps.

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