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Disadvantages Of Skin Whitening

 In order to achieve whiter and brighter complexion, people use all sorts of skin whitening creams. But do you know these creams are doing more harm than any good. Read on to find out.

Uneven Skin Tone: - Uneven skin or pigmentation can be caused by the repeated use of skin whitening creams. The dark pigmentation spots are stubborn and skin deep and it is quite difficult to remove it .These skin whitening products can also cause leukoderma a skin condition in which the skin stop producing melanin, therefore, cause white and pink skin.

Sensitivity To Sun: - Skin whitening products which have hydroquinone in them can make your skin thin and therefore increases sensitivity to the sun. Due to this, your skin will be at a greater risk of UV damage. Therefore it is advised to use sunscreen when you are using a treatment for removing dark spots or sunspots.

High Blood pressure: - Skin whitening creams have high level of steroids which can cause high blood pressure. And we are very well known with the fact that high blood pressure can cause diabetes. So if you have diabetes it is best to avoid skin whitening creams as it can increase your diabetes level.

Acne: - If you have acne scars you might have already used many skin whitening creams to remove the scars but the harsh truth is that skin whitening cream has steroids which can block your pores and forms new acne.
Allergic Reaction: - Skin whitening creams can cause allergic reactions. They have many irritant ingredients which can cause redness, swelling, itching, skin discoloration and sometimes skin burns.

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