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Skin and Hair problems In Pregnancy

During pregnancy, not only your body but skin too changes drastically. That is why pregnant woman faces various skin and hair problems. Some of these skin and hair issues along with the treatment are listed below.

Melasma: - Melasma is the most common and most affected skin diseases in a pregnant woman. To prevent melasma in pregnancy apply a good vitamin C rich moisturizer. Also use a sunscreen religiously to minimize the pigmentation. The hormones which are produced during pregnancy increases the sensitivity of the melanin producing cells melanocytes.


Stretch Marks: - Stretch marks are also one of the most common issues in pregnancy. It happens due to stretching of the skin that is caused by the crack of the elastic fibers. In the initial and post delivery phase stretch marks are red but with time they look like silver lines. The best way to reduce stretch marks is putting on less weight.Women must try to avoid excess weight. For stretch marks moisturisation is the key. You can also use silicone gel to remove the marks.

Puffy Eyes: -During Pregnancy, lack of sleep is caused by hormonal changes. That causes dark under eye circles. Even after pregnancy, many women are sleep deprived which increase the problems of under eye bags. During pregnancy low level of hemoglobin due to iron deficiency also promotes puffy and dark under eyes. To prevent it reduce salt intake and use overnight ice eye pack for eyes. Take proper sleep and eat well.

Hair Loss: - Due to hormonal changes, pregnant women loose hairs. Even after post delivery, the hair loss doesn’t stop. Iron and nutrients deficiency also causes the problems of hair fall. But you don’t need to worry, keep in mind that hair loss is temporary. For hair fall you need to eat right, sleep right and stress less and if it is excessive, take supplements after consulting your doctor.






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