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6 years ago
Things Your Man Doesn’t Care About

Women have a tendency to worry about random things like what their man will think about how they look, how they dress or how they behave, but you will be surprised to know that they don’t actually notice all the stuff because the right man loves you for who you are and  not  for any expensive nail art you have done. So here we bring few things you care about, but your man doesn't.app

Whether You are Wearing Makeup Or Not: - If you will be amazed to know that men don’t know the name of your makeup items and they don’t care whether you wear makeup or not.Men like their lady to have minimal makeup and they hate it when a woman who wears too much makeup.

Whether the clothes size is perfect or not: - Men don’t even know about the proper clothes sizes, so if you think your dress is too loose or too tight on a date chances are he won’t even notice it.

What or How You Eat: - If you partner is not a fitness freak, he will never look at what you are eating or how much you eat. In reality, Men love a woman who are not afraid to eat or who doesn’t always crib about eating just because they will get fat.

Whether you have gained few extra kgs or not: - If you gain few extra kgs just because you are lazy on some days of the months then it is really not a big deal. To be honest, nobody even notices, not even your man when you gain extra pounds it's only you who is concerned about the weight gain.

Whether you look proper all the time or not: - Nails, hairs, waxing and facials woman are anxious about all these things when they are about meet their man. But all your man cares about is how you carry yourself with confidence instead of being worried about these things all the time.

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