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Tips To Keep Your Skin Oil Free This Summer

Oily skin can become the most problematic skin in summers due to the excess production of oil and sweat. But there is no need to worry as here we bring so tips to oily skin.

Gentle Cleanser: - For oily skin, gentle cleansers work best, as they are not oil stripping and also remove any excess oil. Also, the technique to wash your face is also important. You should never take too little of the cleanser which will not clean the face properly or too much which might dry up your skin, so you have to take the right quantity.

Use A Face Mist: - Most of us think that face mist is not required, but girls face mist is the best thing for summers. If you feel your skin is greasy just spritz the facial mist. This will brighten up your face and the oil and shine will fade away.

Moisturizer: - If you think oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer then here we are busting your myth. Oily skin requires moisturisation as much as any skin. When oily skin doesn’t get the required amount of hydration and moisture it then produces sebum which makes our skin oily. Therefore use a light weight or gel based moisturizer.

Primer: - Primers help in preparing your skin for makeup and also prevent excess oil secretion. Therefore make sure to apply a primer. It will keep your makeup in right place and will also give a matte finish by preventing sebum production.

Minimal Makeup: - In summers makeup feels heavy on the face so it is best to avoid heavy foundation and other makeup products otherwise they can clog your facial pores. You can use tinted moisturizer along with some kajal, lip gloss and you are good to go.

Blotting Sheets: - For oily skin beauties, blotting sheets are the best thing ever happened. So always make sure to always keep a pack of blotting sheets in your bag. Just use it blot it away from the T-zone and other areas.

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