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7 years ago
Things That Upsets Your Boyfriend

There are many things that men don’t like about woman but they are too hesitant to say it on their face after all their lady to get agitated because of them. So here are some things which you should be aware of that upsets your boyfriend.

Hairs: - If he finds too many hair strands here and there he will get irritated and won’t even abe able to say to freely. So make sure to properly remove your hair strands from your clothes.

Cleavage: - In case you dress is showing too much of your cleavage, then he is going to get irritated and they think it is best to cover your cleavage to avoid unnecessary attention and stare at other people.

Perfume: - Wearing too much of perfume can be annoying if you like wearing perfume it is advisable to wear subtle and light perfume so that it doesn’t irritate your boyfriend's nose.

Eye Makeup: - Guys don’t like glitter, shimmer on eyes. Anything makeup which is too heavy be it foundation or glittery eye makeup it can make you look too made up and he can’t see your natural beauty.

Lipstick: - Wearing too much of lipsticks is not a bad idea when you spending time with your bestie but this is a total on when you going out with your boyfriend. Choose any light or nude shade to make it look like as if you are not wearing any lipstick.

Being Nice: - When you trying to be nice don’t sugarcoat it. Be genuine and give compliments but never try to overdo it. He might think that you are not being yourself.

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