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Things To Never Compromise In Your Relationship

 To make any relationship work it is important to compromise on many aspects of life but here are few things on which you should never ever compromise.

Basic Principles: - We have had a set of principles that we live by and we are never going to compromise on this. These values give bus individual identity and define our character. We should never change our principles just to impress or fit in a group of people. You yourself feel like you are faking it all the time.

Career: - Being career oriented is a not a bad idea it’s just that you are ambitious and it is really good. Your relationship should never hamper your dreams and career. If you are sacrificing your career you will regret it later.

Independence: - Independence is of utmost importance. All of us should be self-independent and never rely on someone else. It is important to create some boundaries from other people.Don't let your partner affect your personal space. Having some alone time is always a good idea.

Safety: - A type of safety issues is totally non-negotiable. If your partner is abusing you physically or mentally then you should step out of such relationship.

Friends and Family: - Relationships are exciting but we should never forget to spend time with friend family. You need to spend time with your family and friend too without feeling guilty.

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