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5 Mistakes You Must Avoid Making After Your Break-Up!

Getting over a breakup is very painful and scary. A breakup leaves us heartbroken and we make certain decisions which is not so great like blaming ourselves or drinking too much and in some cases seeking revenge. But life is all about learning from mistakes. Read on to find out some of the most common breakup mistakes you need to avoid.

You Want To Get A Closure Talk Too Soon: - A closure talk is when two people who are not together anymore decide to act like adults and talk about things they wanted to speak about at the time of breakup. The closure talks have
apologise for things said or done or whether it was possible to make the relationship work. Though it can lighten the burden from the heart and you get ready to move on but make sure to have the closure only once. It is best to not have the closure talk too soon because both of you need time to heal from the breakup.

You Get Into A Rebound Relationship: - A rebound relationship is one in which you get into a new relationship just to get over a breakup. This might sound like a great idea but it only works for a shorter period of times. The rebound relationship is so superficial that you might end up thinking why did you get in this rebound relationship in first place. A rebound relationship is fine as long as you don’t get into it too soon. Because in the end, this new relationship will bring you heartache and pain.

You Stalk Your Ex: - It is difficult to resist stalking your ex on social media. It is really painful to move on but checking on your exes live will only give you disappointment and sadness. Keep in mind that, what they do now is none of your business If you are not able to avoid stalking them, and then just unfollow them from all your social media account.

You Try To Change Yourself For Your Ex: - Change is good but if you striving to change yourself for your ex’s sake then it is of no use As all you are trying to do is meeting up your ex’s expectation so that they can date you. This might work for a short term but in the end, you will get fed up with the entire act you are trying to put in front of them.

You Visit Your Old Dating Spots: - Just because you miss your ex, it doesn’t mean that you will visit your old dating spots. By going to such places you are only trying to live in the past. You might end up crying in such places so it is best to avoid this.

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