Pink lips, black eyes, spotless skin and long black hairs are the desire of every woman. But in all those what matters most are lips. Pink lips enhance the beauty of face and make women look charming. Wearing lipstick and lip balm all the time is not feasible if you do not have pink lips. Dark lips are caused due to few reasons like smoking habits, usage of chemical based lip products, genes, allergies, overly intake of caffeine and hormonal imbalances. So, if you have dark lips then following tips for lightening dark lips can help you a lot –

# DIY Lip Scrub – take 1 tbsp milk and mix reasonable amount of turmeric into it so as to make paste. Now wet your lips and first scrub a using soft brush then apply this paste all over lips and let it dry for 15 minutes. Thereafter, gently exfoliate your lips the using same brush for 2 minutes only.

Lemon Juice – take one lemon and squeeze it. Mix castor oil and glycerine in it and now apply it now lips. Lemon is a good healer of cracked skin and castor oil helps in softening of dead skin cells and glycerine keep skin soft. So this overall combination is good for lightening dark lip.

# Milk and Rose Petals – milk is a very good skin
moisturiser. Take few rose petals and soak it in milk for some times. Then make a paste of this mixture and apply this paste on lips. This paste will keep lips pink and soft.
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