Green and Gorgeous Makeup Brands

Green and Gorgeous Makeup Brands: Every girl wants to use branded product. As we know now in the parlour, they are also using the branded product like Naturals, Natures, Lakme, Lotus, Sara, Loreal, Wella in India.

 Here's some "green and gorgeous" makeup brands...

1. Elate Cosmetics: Elate cosmetics is made in canada. They don't use any chemical in their products, they have non-toxic ingredient product. This product is safe for our skin. After making it packed with tha wooden handled lip glosses, wooden jar.

2. Au Naturale: Au Naturale have own products, it inspired by own Brand beauty products, located in green bay. They manufacturing their branded products as the daily bases.

3. Revescent: They don't have any product company, it works for the other company. They make the branded beauty product and then sell.

4. Gabriel Cosmetics: Gabriel Cosmetics don't have non-toxic, free from chemical. Gabriel Cosmetics made in a USA.

5. Lavera: Lavera product is chemical free because lavera is german company, and there are use of chemical is stricter.Lavera sells their branded products internatonal level Like mascara, liner, face powder, foundation.

6. Ecco Bella: The name of Ecco Bella, in the translated from
italian. Ecco Bella manufactures their product in USA.

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