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7 years ago
Holistic Hair Care for Healthy and Shining Hair

Polluted water and air make hair look very rough and unhealthy. Relying on shampoo and serum claiming to be beneficial for hair do not save hair from all this. Holistic hair care is very essential nowadays as it makes hair strong and also helps in hair growth. Under holistic hair care, the important point is that if you take care of your overall health then your hair will automatically be strong as hair are part of whole health. This is the reason that having healthy hair is not just about using the right product but it requires you to make holistic changes in your overall lifestyle which affect your whole body.    
Below is given holistic hair care tips for healthy and shining hair –

1. Take diet full of vitamins, minerals, and folic acid. Include fruits, veggies, nuts and whole grains in your food as these are a source of healthy hair and try increasing your nutrients intake with whole food.

2. Shop around for hair care products with natural ingredients and no chemicals. Hair scalp absorbs chemicals and thus increasing the toxic load of the body which ultimately creates a problem for liver and adrenals.

3. Apply hair mask for smooth looking hair. Oiling your hair properly just before washing hair keep hair moisturized. Coconut oil keeps your hair safe and gives hair healing power to face air and water pollution.

4. Always use cold water to wash hair because cold water saves hair from damage. Rinse hair using apple cider vinegar for the growth of hair.

5. Schedule hair spa at frequent intervals and you should consult your beautician for hair texture and which herbal product is most suitable for your hair.

6. Don’t wash your hair every other day; try washing hair every third or fourth day.

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