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7 years ago
5 Tried And Tested Tips To Make Mehndi Dark

5 Tried And Tested Tips To Make Mehndi Dark: Mehendi, we call it by the name of heena also. Everyone love to apply heena on hands with the beautiful designs for special occasions or for looking trendy. And wait for the colour, it will be a dark or light colour of mehndi.

Here are Top 5 ideas to make

How to Make Mehndi Dark? 
Mehendi darker...

1. Leave henna for a longer time:
We wash off
heena after 7-8 hours, If we can keep heena for a long time it's a good for the heena colour. Keep it for the 12 hours. Keep one thing in mind that don't wash heena with the water, by rubbing both palms with the dry heena till falls off completely.

2. Dab lemon sugar mixture couple of times: This is the
second idea for making dark heena. For making lemon sugar mixture boil both together then keep it to cool. Then apply it on the palm. apply again when it will get dry.

3. Wrapping up the design:
According to many people by wrapping up the design we will also get the dark colour of our mehendi.

4. Run your hands over the fumes of the cloves: We can try '
Bhaap' on the palms, first apply lemon & sugar mixture.

5. Apply balms after scrapping the crust: Some brides apply balm also on the palms
like Vicks and Tiger balm. This balm helps to increase the colour darkness.

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