Simple Daily Home Remedies To Get Tan-Free Skin In This Boiling Climate

Avoiding tan is impossible for people who live in a tropical climate and once the tan gets accumulated on the skin, it gets really difficult to get rid of it. Therefore it is best to try some simple home remedies which you can try on a daily basis to get a tan free look. Here are some of the listed remedies you can try to prevent and remove tanning.

Papaya: - Papaya has a skin-lightening enzyme called papain.Just take a fresh papaya and grind it. Apply this paste on your face with a cotton pad and wash it with water after 15 minutes.

Tomato Juice: - Tomato has vitamin C which is effective in removing suntan and gives a cooling effect .just take a fresh tomato and cut it into slices, rub your skin with the tomato slice and leave for 5 minutes, wash it afterward with cold water. This will act as a perfect citrus scrub to remove tan.

Potato Juice: - Potato juice has bleaching properties so it can effectively treat suntan. Just cut a potato and rub it directly onto your skin. This potato juice will work like a scrub for your skin and your skin will look suntan free.

Fuller earth (Multani Mitti): - Multani mitti is often referred to bleaching clay. To apply this for the suntan, just mix few drop of rose water along with multi mitt and apply it on your face, you will notice your tan fading away in no time.

Gram Flour: - Gram Flour can easily remove dead skin cells, therefore, perfect for removing skin tan and giving a perfect bright glow on the skin. To use the gram flour mix it with curd and turmeric and apply it, then wash after 20 minutes. 
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